Fidelity & Surety Law

The Fidelity & Surety Law attorneys at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall represent a wide range of surety companies doing business in Arizona and New Mexico and elsewhere throughout the western and southwestern United States. Our attorneys assist clients in investigating and defending claims made against all types of surety and fidelity bonds.

Fidelity & Surety Legal Services

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JKW’s Fidelity & Surety law attorneys have become known as leaders in the industry and regularly work with the largest sureties in the nation on matters including:

  • Interpreting the scope of bond coverage and determining whether a particular claim is covered
  • Evaluating fidelity claims, including investigation and claims handling
  • Defending fidelity claims that cannot be resolved through investigation and claims handling procedures
  • Evaluating construction surety claims and defaults, including investigating and coordinating multi-project bond losses and claims
  • Defending performance and payment bond claims
  • Defending license and miscellaneous bond claims
  • Assisting with subrogation and salvage matters, including lawsuits to enforce indemnity obligations
  • Representing surety client interests in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Defending bad faith and extracontractual liability claims

National Resources

Publishers and editors of national publications come to Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall when they have need for southwestern regional legal knowledge for their treatises on construction and Fidelity & Surety Law. Our attorneys have authored numerous articles and articles that provide valuable information on topics related to Fidelity & Surety Law. Below are several of the highly regarded resources that our attorneys have been involved with publishing:

  • The Surety Underwriters Desk Book (re. 2016) for the American Bar Association by the Fidelity and Surety Law Committee. Originally written for the construction surety underwriter, the Desk Book has gained popularity amongst claims professionals and other organizations, because of its value as a quick reference source for law in a broad range of jurisdictions.
  • State-by-State Guide to Architect, Engineer and Contractor Licensing (2nd Ed.), by James Csontos (2015). James Csontos regularly updates the Arizona chapter materials.
  • State-by-State Guide to Design Contracts and Claims (2nd ed.), by James Csontos and Edward Rubacha (2015). Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod provides updates to the Arizona chapter materials
  • Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond (3rd Ed.) by James Csontos and Joseph Brophy (2015). Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod provides updates to the Arizona chapter materials.
  • The Surety Underwriter’s Desk Book, by Schexnayder, Chad and McNamara, Mary Alice, eds., American Bar Association (2013). Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod attorneys have authored the chapters for Arizona and New Mexico and Environmental Law.
  • The Quick Reference Guide to Western States Surety & Fidelity Law, Publisher WSSC, LLC (2014–present). Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod attorneys authored the chapters covering Arizona and New Mexico.

Dispute Resolution

The Fidelity & Surety litigation attorneys at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall both assert and defend business claims in court and before regulatory agencies through litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

Our mediation and conference center in the firm’s Arizona office is equipped with digital audio and video technology and wireless, high-speed internet and intranet connections to support the alternative dispute resolution processes of mediation and arbitration.

Contact the Fidelity & Surety attorneys at JKW. We serve businesses operating in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as select cases throughout the west and southwest.

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Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod expands by adding the talented lawyers of Waterfall, Economidis, Caldwell, Hanshaw & Villamana. Now with offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, the Firm will continue to serve its clients across the Southwest under the name Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall LLP.