Family Law & Domestic Relations

Our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys understand how complex and stressful family legal matters can be, particularly for prominent families and business owners who are obligated by myriad responsibilities and have significant assets to protect. Whether advising clients entering into a new union or ending a relationship, our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys are experienced in developing and implementing legal strategies that best protect our clients’ interests.

Family Law & Domestic Relations Legal Services

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Our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys review and discuss several complex and sensitive areas of consideration when our clients are considering divorce, legal separation, or annulment:

  • Spousal Support Issues: entitlement to support (alimony), the amount of and length of time support should be paid, and whether there should be a component for continued health care coverage.
  • Property Issues: equity in homestead and other real property, home furnishings, business assets, professional practices, retirement benefits (pensions, IRAs, 401(k) plans), personal property, motor and recreational vehicles, savings accounts, hidden assets, marital waste, stocks, bonds and investment funds as well as debts.
  • Domestic Violence
  • Order of Protection
  • Restoration of Maiden Name
  • Relocation
  • Attorney’s Fees and Expenses

And, for families with children, our attorneys discuss and advise clients on the very sensitive decisions related to their children’s future care, including:

  • Decision Making & Access with Children, involving legal and physical child custody arrangements, which may or may not involve joint custody; visitation with non-custodial parent; grandparent access and visitation with stepchildren.
  • Financial Issues Relating to Children, including child support, health and dental insurance for children, uninsured healthcare costs and extraordinary expenses.
  • Other important issues to be discussed and outlined in the agreement include: college education, beneficiaries of life insurance, claiming of children as dependents for income tax purposes and the religious upbringing of children.

Family Law & Domestic Relations Attorneys

Protecting Your Interests

Through the years, our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys have earned the trust of clients by successfully representing numerous individuals involved in high net worth divorces and community property cases. Our attorneys are also well versed in advising on issues related to the impact of post-divorce bankruptcy and representing clients through the division of property review by the court to best ensure their interests are protected.

In addition, our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys advise clients seeking to protect their assets and business interests through prenuptial agreements, sole and separate property agreements, and various other domestic relations agreements.

By listening to our clients and understanding their personal and business concerns, and the challenges at hand, our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys outline legal options and the associated risks with the aim of developing and implementing strategy that best achieves our clients’ goals and unique priorities.

Dispute Resolution

Because many of our clients are prominent in the community, we understand that discretion is typically a priority as well. Therefore, the Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall are prepared to represent clients through the alternative dispute resolution process of mediation and arbitration whenever appropriate.

Contact our Family Law & Domestic Relations attorneys at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall. We serve individuals and businesses operating in Arizona and New Mexico.

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