Professional Malpractice & Liability

Individuals place a high degree of trust in the professionals they hire to provide expertise in highly skilled disciplines such as legal services, health care, real estate, insurance, architecture, construction services and financial counseling. But complex matters can expose those professional service providers to industry discipline or professional liability when things go wrong, and client dissatisfaction may spawn disciplinary complaints or professional malpractice claims.

Representing Individuals & Professionals

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Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall’s Professional Malpractice & Liability attorneys are experienced in representing both individuals and professional service providers in disciplinary matters and professional liability (i.e. “malpractice”) claims. These claims typically involve highly complex litigation and can threaten professional impacts and ramifications beyond the matter at hand. Although occasionally these complex claims can be resolved quickly and efficiently, our attorneys will thoroughly assess the dispute to fully evaluate the risks and potential post-litigation consequences to each available strategy.

Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall’s Professional Malpractice & Liability attorneys take personal pride in providing strong, committed advocacy for their professional malpractice clients in a wide variety of malpractice and liability claims, including:

  • Dental malpractice
  • Design engineer, architect, and engineer malpractice
  • Financial advisor malpractice
  • Insurance broker and agent malpractice
  • Legal malpractice
  • Medical and nursing malpractice
  • Pharmacist malpractice
  • Real estate broker and agent malpractice
  • Unethical business practices
  • Lawyer disciplinary complaints for ethical violations
  • Medical disciplinary complaints for medial mistakes

Contact the Professional Malpractice & Liability attorneys at Jennings Haug Keleher McLeod Waterfall. Serving clients in resolving claims arising in Arizona and New Mexico. 


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